A film by Uli M Schueppel

Starring: Olivier Picot, Miroslav Baka, Christin Koenig, Alexander Hacke, Heide Bartholomaeus
Soundtrack: Mick Harvey & Alexander Hacke
Camera: Ciro Cappellari

col, 89min, 16mm, Engl. Subt., Germany 1992

 Int. Filmprize of the Catholic Church 1993, OCIC-Jury, Amiens

“FATHERLAND was made before the macabre riots broke out around the refugee centres, but the atmosphere of latent hatred and frustration is already tangible. In this melancholy road-movie Schueppel has made effective use of the landscape of the former DDR, disfigured by lignite production. He spent months seeking the locations, which he thinks play a leading role: Schueppel sees them as “Seelen-Landschaften”.
The gloomy landscape reflects the state of mind of the protagonist, who usually remains silent. This metaphorical use of the landscape with a man fleeing desperatly is reminiscent of nothing less than “Il Grido”, the beautifully mournful film in which Antonioni used the landscape of the Po-delta for the same goal. The quality of the film as a whole is reminiscent of Antonioni – and a comparison with such a great name from the history of film is not something many recent German films could bear.” Gertjan Zuilhof, International Filmfestival Rotterdam (catalogue) 1993