The Road To God Knows Where


A film by Uli M Schueppel
Starring: NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (Blixa Bargeld, Mick Harvey, Kid Congo Powers, Thomas Wydler & Roland Wolf)

b/w, 89min, 16mm, Germany 1990


>Nick Cave: “This film is beautiful, because it’s so sad. And that is true.”

“IN THE 20 BEST MUSIC-FILMS OF ALL TIME” (No.14) Voted by readers & jounalists of the American TOTAL FILM MAGAZINE (May08)

“Rock’n’roll life on the road has rarely been so accurately documented as this. Yet, despite the noblest efforts of director Uli M Schueppel to demystify the process, Cave
and the chaps just can’t help being glamorous. THE ROAD… is classic cinema verite, a tremendously evocative documentary for anyone who’s ever been involved either on the fringes or in the heart. … this hyper-grainy b&w film is a lovingly detached testament to the absurdity of the ritual.” Melody Maker (Nov 90)

“A portrait of Nick Cave and his band in gorgeous black and white – with the feel of a road movie. Director and cameraman Uli M Schueppel is a longtime friend of the musicians, and probably only a friend could poses such a great sensitivity and fine touch. THE ROAD is one of the few ‚music films’ that is not only worth seeing for fans, but, like Godards ‚One Plus One’, is also for film buffs.” Journal Frankfurt (12/90)

“What is life? A street, a journey, work, reality, myth. And what can be life, reality in film? It’s about everyday things. Nothing is stressed, emphasised, each action is part of a whole, of the same importance as the ‚empty’ moments. Part of the atmosphere. That’s what makes THE ROAD… a film in which one is so naturally at home.” Der Tagesspiegel(24.5.90)

“This quiet, melancholy film reveals through its poetic imaginary more about Nick Cave’s personality than the longest interview.” Taz (21.5.90)

With The Road to God knows where german director Uli M Schueppel set out on a five week odyssey of the USA with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.
What he expected was not exactly what he got, but what he got was just what he wanted. The result is a far cry from the usual rock’n’roll lifestyle cliches and slick life productions of the average music biz “film”.
Truth is stranger than Fiction.

Excerpts of “THE ROAD, to God Knows Where”: