A film by Uli M Schueppel

Starring: Olivier Picot, Gesine Böhle, Friedrich Wall, Kai Fuhrmann & Blixa Bargeld
Music: Alexander Hacke; Camera: Ciro Cappellari

NIHIL, oder Alle Zeit Der Welt (or All The Time in The World) from schueppel-films on Vimeo.

“… Almost nothing is explicit, everything is a determination of the atmosphere, dark, morbid, mysterious, religious, mystic, poetic. NIHIL from a film school student… Its a type of underground Tarkowskij, without imitating the already known, or even quoting it.”Tagesspiegel

“Cultish – worth seeing! A break from the outdated, boring narrative cinema… A completely new form of musical film work an a new form that is not only a back-ground for film-music…” TIP

“Murnau goes underground! NIHIL is a notable work by young film-student Uli M Schueppel. Morbid, black and white… Through it’s expressive, piercing, intensity -aided by Alexander Hacke’s musical poignancy – the film mirrors a feeling of life in this age.” Volksblatt Berlin

“Between times – A ballad, a dramatic (film-)poem, subdivided into verses. The style is not regulated by the content, but is just as important as the individualistic treatments, by the expressive strength, almost expressionistic black and white photography, sombre music… which border on surreal, exaggerated picture symbolism, the resigned atmosphere… A film between times… between tradition and avantgarde (…) and a film about times, where the time planes flow into one another and ultimately mingle incoherently.”Zitty

Excerpt of “NIHIL”: