A film by Uli M Schueppel

b/w, 89min, Germany 1994

This only German Version! For english go to FROZEN STORIES


JAHRE DER KÄLTE from schueppel-films on Vimeo.

“A film that conveys true physical pain, not through vulnerable, personal reflection alone.” Deutsches Allgem. Sonntagsblatt (9.9.94)

“Its about the horrors of a gerneration. Life in hell… It appears as a flickering montage. As if burning… Every word is comprehensible. All ghosts end here.” Süddeutsche Zeitung (30.8.94)

“Extraordinary! Almost brutal…” Der Tagesspiegel (30.8.94)

“A gripping farewell to a father, that is at the same time a greeting.” Südkurier (1.9.94)

“The most striking descriptions reveal a picture of horror.” Badisches Tageblatt (1.9.94)

“Endless despair. It has been a long time since such an oppressive history was despicted.” Westfälische Rundschau (1.9.94)

“More than a documentary film!” Kölner Stadt Anzeiger (1.9.94)

“Gripping, moving, haunting.” Müncher Merkur (1.9.94)

“A long overdue document of German-German history.” Badische Neuste Nachrichten (1.9.94)

The film Frozen Stories is a subjective search for truth, a documented investigation into the buried, forgotten and repressed facts which detail a post 1946 chapter of German history about which, still today, very little is known. The director’s father Prof. Horst Schueppel, at the time a 23year old teacher in the Soviet occupied zone, was founder memberof the LDP (Liberal-Democratic-Party) in Saxony. He was arrested in 1948. Charged with „sabotage and espionage“ he was sentenced to death by a soviet military court in 1949. Later his penalty was commuted into five life sentences…

Uli M Schueppel met his father’s former fellow inmates, he interviewed these witnesses of time – people who were prepared to take a risk for democracy.
Captured on film, the interviews recall the suffocating atmosphere of the period of German history.

(Excerpt of “JAHRE DER KÄLTE” (sorry, without subt.):