A film by Uli M Schueppel


b/w, 52min, 16mm, Engl. Subt., Germany 1997

DER PLATZ from schueppel-films on Vimeo.

“Unmissable! Documentaries do not come much more poetic than this.” The List, Glasgow/Edinburgh (Aug. 1997)

“Unlike all Berlin’s “gigantomania” Uli M Schueppel stylizes the construction chaos as an artwork and exposes hitherto unseen structures with the camera.” Berliner Zeitung (27.5.97)

“A contrasting program that will serve as a plea for the preservation of nature, and for the calming effect of desire.” Berliner Morgenpost (25.5.97)

“It is as meditative as if one had played in a trance with a Fisher-Construction kit. Looking at construction sites can be this beautiful!” Die Tageszeitung (taz, 24.5.97)

“No nice ‚build up, build up!’ is to be heard here; no, gurgling mud pools suggest the suspicion that the city has now truly begun to search for its center.” Der Tagesspiegel (25.5.97)

“THE PLACE sucks away the viewers’s sense of time and is so thoroughly composed and seasoned by Uli M Schueppel and FM Einheit that you practically hear with your eyes and view with your ears … well, almost.” Junge Welt (15.5.97)

Berlin, Potsdamer Platz 1996. Europe’s largest inner-city construction site. Machines, cranes, excavators, trucks, etc. are to be found (and heard) as far as one can see.

Workers from different trades and nationalities are portrayed within this musical composition. As they are being observed in their work, they describe a place (off-voice) which is particularly important in their lives. The sounds from the machines they use, flow into the musical composition and lead the workers memories and descriptions into a “chant”.

excerpt of THE PLACE: